The evolution of web design [Infographic]


April 21, 2011Web designNo comments

Webdesign was never the same as it was invented,For all these years the web has been changing from one form to other consistently dolling out new features.If you can remember the first generation  of websites had only text and hyper links and then worldwide web consortium took charge in framing the web standards.

After these text based websites flash comes into action in web designing which took the web to reach out further to many people because of the visual effect created by it.

The real beauty and processing power of web came live after the inclusion of PHP and CSS.In the later days people find a good website shouldn’t made to be simply displaying information it should interact with the user.There  comes the dynamic guy called “javascript” which came to all the web browsers to make the interaction happen.

The evolution of Webdesign an infographic by Kissmetric shows us the step by step evolution of web design and the websites looked in those periods.


Evolution-of-web-design-by Kissmetrics

Its still not the end here and we came all along and reached to HTML5, now down the lane the evolution will happen and the most prominent web design technique will take center stage.

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