Facebook gets redesigned profile page


December 6, 2010facebookNo comments

Facebook has rolled out new profile page redesign to every user today,Facebook CEO mark Zuckerberg announced the new design shortly before CBS 60 Minutes program.

The new facebook page is rolled to all facebook users shortly,if you want to try it now then proceed to this page and activate the new facebook profile page.

The new facebook profile page shows your snapshot like your education,hometown,birthdate all in the top of the page.This gives other people to quickly know about the person.

You can mention special relationship 
Some special people like “best friends”,”college friends” can be mentioned in you profile page.You say who is your best friend and whom you connect often.
When you click your friends profile page you already had friendship page but now facebook added the events which you both attend,shared likes etc
There are some other changes made in facebook,see this page for the official help
Note: You cannot undo the new change once it is done.Lets wait until someone finds the trick to undo the new profile page.

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