Google can drive your car !!!


October 15, 2010Google NewsNo comments

Google has been developing yet another innovative project,it was a driverless car completely controlled by Google’s software.Thought of buying a car that needs no driver ? atleast a car that lets you text while driving? then you have to see Google Car(No official name yet..)

Google has been developing a software project that can be integrated into a car so that the car drive by itself without any human intervention.Quite fishy but It wasn’t a scifi movie Google developers have tested this project on real cars and drove over 140,000 miles.

The car has sensors that can produce the 3D map of the surroundings and can sense the road the traffic and drive accordingly.As google blog said the objective of creating these cars is to minimize the road accidents and traffic.

These are the video footages that shows the completely automated google car.

Image courtesy:
Official post:Google blog

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