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office logo


Microsoft’s new product Office 2010 beta is released for public download.This version packed with advanced features when compared to previous version(2007).Office 2010 has been downloaded by 2 million users and still counting. In this post I have described its new features and the comparison with old versions.



1.New Office Logo

MS Office 2010

2.New Icons

office 2010 icons

3. Splash screen

office 2010 splash screen

4. Ribbon

Notice that each one has separate colours ,which we haven’t seen before


  • The round office button is removed in 2010 and replaced with colourful tab

ribbons 2010- 2007

5. Backstage view – Print Preview

Print preview is seamlessly integrated into the info menu.( forget ctrl+p)

word 2010

6. Easy Screenshot

Its now easy to take screenshot in office 2010 with a new screen capture tool.

office 2010  screenshot feature

7. Picture edit in word

Picture editing in word is upgraded with improved picture editing tools

picture edit

word 2010 features

8.Text Effects

Text effects in word is upgraded with advanced features.

text effects in office 2010

9. Spark lines in Excel

spark lines in office 2010

10.Easy Embed Video in Power point

office 2010 power point

11.Broadcast slideshow

powerpoint ofice 2010

12.New PowerPoint designs

popwerpoint design 2010

A office 2010 promo released by Microsoft


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