10 cool new features in Android 2.3 you should know


December 7, 2010Android3 Comments

Android 2.3 gingerbread is launched by google with many new features and updates to UI and SDK.Let we have the look at the cool new features added to android 2.3 OS.

1.The new home-screen

android 2.3 homescreen

android 2.3 home screen

The UI was refined to provide the better color contrast of dark green over black background.

2.The tweaked text input

android 2.3 onetouch suggestion

onetouch suggestion

The text input in 2.3 has little change in the dictionary view with bigger font suggestions.The new multi touch support enables us to input the numeric character with pressing shift+number.

3.Free text selection

Android 2.3 Free text selection

Free text selection

While viewing a web page you can select the text by clicking on a word to enter into the free text selection mode help to select the words by dragging the text marker.

4.Power management

android 2.3 power management

android 2.3 power management

I think this part is for tablet PCs.The android 2.3 better manages the power usage among the applications and lets us to track which application consumes more power.

5.Process/app management

process manager in android 2.3

Android 2.3 process manager

New Running tab displays a list of active applications, storage and memory being used by each application. The user can read further details about each application and if necessary stop an application or report feedback to its developer.

6.Better calling feature

android 2.3 call management

android 2.3 call management

The default call management is updated with the internet calling profile for each contact.The user has to add the SIP profile for each contact to make the internet calling.

7.Camera tweak

android 2.3 camera

android 2.3 camera feature

The camera controller helps switch with different camera views.

8.Near field communication

Near field communication

Near field communication

The NFC reader helps to read NFC tags,developers may try out the payment apps using this NFC reader.

9.Performance for Gaming

Google added new features for the game developers which help them provide cool gaming experience on the smartphones

Concurrent garbage collector — The Dalivik VM introduces a new, concurrent garbage collector that minimizes application pauses, helping to ensure smoother animation and increased responsiveness in games and similar applications.
Faster event distribution — The plaform now handles touch and keyboard events faster and more efficiently, minimizing CPU utilization during event distribution. The changes improve responsiveness for all applications, but especially benefit games that use touch events in combination with 3D graphics or other CPU-intensive operations.
Updated video drivers — The platform uses updated third-party video drivers that improve the efficiency of OpenGL ES operations, for faster overall 3D graphics performance.

10.Gyroscope and other sensors

Google added the gyroscope support to the 2.3 along with some other sensors like rotation vector, linear acceleration, gravity, and barometer sensors.

Lot new enhancements made in android 2.3,read api specific information here.

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