Blog in your Android phone through Blogger App

Few days before i was searching for good blogging app  for android . While searching ,  I came to know about Blogger app in Android . It has similar features like . Let’s see what are all features it contains :

a) Include your current location :

This is one the amazing feature of this app . Through this option , We can let our readers know  where we are blogging from . This can be done very easily  by selecting our location .By default , Location is disabled . We have to click tap to activate option to enable location . After that we can our change our location .

b) Attach Photos :

We can attach photo to the post . It can be done through two methods:

a) Either we can take photo from camera  and attach to the post .This can be done while we compose post .

b) or we can attach photo through Picture gallery .

c) Share to blogger :

We can share videos, products, photos, links and other interesting things you would like to include in your blog via the share button that’s available in many apps, including Google Maps for mobile, YouTube, and your web browser.

d) Label & Multiple accounts Option :

Like  , It also has label feature. Through this option , we can separate  our articles .And if you are blogging in multiple accounts , then app is apt for you . We can switch over multiple blogging accounts .

e) Tracking of Post :

This app has one option which helps us to track all our posts, which includes drafts and published posts . Whenever we click this option , it shows list of posts , which include date and label of that post.

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