How to : Create Fake Missed /Received Call or Messages in Android

This post will show you how to create Fake missed/received call or messages in Android . It’s very simple process. Before going into this tutorial , go through some of the useful Android articles which may help you .

Step 1: First of all download the Fake Call & SMS & Call Logs Android app from Android market using below link :

Link to Download

Step 2: In this app , there are three sections : Call Logs , Message and Pro . Call logs deals with generation of fake call logs & on other hand Message section deals with generation of Fake messages . Pro section will redirect to  purchase page of Pro version in Android market . Let’s see how to create Fake call log’s .

Step 3: As you can see in below image , it will ask for Caller ID. I chose Jeyaganesh for illustration & also give the time by which this fake call log should be created .Next choose the kind of call type( Missed,Incoming and outgoing)  and mark Missed call notifications . Atlast tap on create button and thats’s it done .Smile



Step 4 : Now let’s create fake SMS . The procedure is similar as above . You have to give the same details . In addition to that , you have to mention what fake message should be sent or received . Another good feature of this app is that , apart from message description ;it also asks for message options like Received or Sent / Unread or Read . Finally , tap on Create button  and that’s it done.Smile



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