How does your website look like on Smartphones


August 22, 2011Mobile2 Comments

After designing a complete website you need to test it on various devices and check how it looks like on various mobile platforms.Mobilizer is a desktop tool that helps previewing your design on smartphones like apple iPhone,htc Evo,Blackberry storm and palm pre.



This tool emulates how your website and mock-ups look on mobile devices.You can see any website or image or your design on multiple mobile devices all at same time.You can even the export the screenshot of the mobile pages with mobilizer.

The export option is very helpful to showcase your work to clients and for making a web portfolio.

Mobilizer desktop tool built using adobe Air is available for MAC and PC.iPadseek is another tool used to preview your design on Apple iPad.

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2 Responses to “How does your website look like on Smartphones”
  1. Laadi

    This tool is very necessary i would like to thank for sharing this with us, Smartphone and Tab are taking bulky laptop very fast thats why we have to roll up our arms to smartphone.

  2. Motti

    If it only works…
    And what about adding Android…just about the largest smartphone market.

    Just to let you know, when inserting a web address in the narrow strip address place nothing happens. When entering the address in the phone adress it either says it cannot find it or gives me a Google list (?).

    One more problem, when hovering on the “X” to close it goes missing. Takes time to nail it.

    Too bad but I will have to look elsewhere.


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