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Learning programming courses online is now easier than ever.Employers consider these online courses valuable these days since people are more likely to attend the courses online than conventional classroom training.For people who wish to enhance skills for broader career options these websites will be really helpful.


Started by the professors of Stanford university, this site now offers more than 390 courses from various universities.Completing the courses will fetch you the statement of accomplishment from the instructor.Most importantly it is Free!




This is an interactive platform for learning courses that follows the “See and Do” approach.You have to complete the staged exercises and move up to next level.


CodeAcademy was actually a startup founded by dropouts of Columbia university which now hasĀ 550,000 active users.


Full length training videos are available for free trial period of 10 days.







Treehouse uses the unique way of teaching methodologies.The quality of tutorials and graphical explanations helps for better understanding.Not all the courses are free here but I would suggest to spend some money to get the premium content.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Founded by the MIT graduate whose mission is provide free world class education for everyone.Contains courses on all the categories for Maths,Science and Computer Science.



This the company that provides commercial support to the MongoDB.


Learn short tutorial videos on AngularJS from EggHead.

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