How to send google plus invites to your friends

Google plus is now on insane demand and Google have shut down the invite system for some time and there are always loopholes already that helps you get into Google plus without an invite plus invite


Step 1: Find someone who is already on Google plus.

Step 2: Your friend should add you to a circle like “friends”

Step 3: Ask him to upload a picture or add a status message and share with you by specifying circle name at the box at the bottom.

google plus invite method

Here in this demo, I have added my friend who is not using Google plus to a circle called “friends” and shared a post with him.

You can notice a checkbox at the bottom “also email the person not using Google+”

This will trigger the notification to you and next time you enter you will be able to use it.

google plus-3

Update : Install the Google plus extension on Chrome and access Google+ through the extension.You will be directed to Join Google+ page [ this is working for some people]

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