8 New features in Chrome 12 stable version

Google chrome 12 stable version has been released recently after the beta release.The new stable version adds several new features and also removed some.

google chrome 12

The version number of this stable version is 12.0.742.91.

The new features added in chrome 12

1.App search

The Omni box now shows the search results including the apps installed.

google chrome 12 app search

2. PDF print/save option in reader

google chrome 12 pdf


3.Delete option for flash cookies

google chrome 12 under the hood


4.Sync settings integrated to pages

google chrome 12 sync


5. Hardware acceleration for  3D css

See sample

chrome 12 3d css

6. New Warning message for MAC users

chrome 12 mac


7. Malicious file download warning

chrome 12 malicious warning


8.Google gears will be removed as its work is done by HTML 5.

google-gears-chrome 12


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