Flipkart acquires Letsbuy.com


May 28, 2012Tech NewsNo comments

India’s popular online store Flipkart had finally acquired the another major player in the same category ‘Letsbuy.com’ .Flipkart has been in the market for a while and began operations in India on 2007 and now became a shopping giant in India with selling 20 products in a minute.Flipkart.com sells around 2.5 crore rupees worth goods every day.More than just shopping flipkart recently launched ‘flyte’, a store to buy digital music to stop piracy.

Letsbuy.com started in 2009, stood second in the eCommerce market in india.It sells computers,mobiles,electronic appliances and everything that was in flipkart’s menu.This made the competition tougher for both of them in deciding the prices.I myself bought my android phone after the through comparison on both the websites and found letsbuy is little cheaper than flipkart.

The users landing on letsbuy.com will now see the banner that tells the users to redirect to flipkart.

flipkart acquires letsbuy

To simply put ‘Flipkart’ has killed its biggest opponent letsbuy.Share your thoughts in the comment form below.

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