Internet’s 25 Most Powerful People


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Businessweek just released The 25 Most Influential People on the Web . This list is generated every year when businessweek asks its readers and staff members to contribute to the survey by naming the people who they think are most influential on the web.
Here goes the list…



The Seeker: Steve Ballmer,
The Marshall: Mitchell Baker,
The Innovator: Jeff Bezos,
The Searchers: Sergey Brin, Larry Page, and Eric Schmidt
The Investor: Jeff Clavier,
The Papa Bear: Paul Graham,
The Muckracker: Arianna Huffington ,
The Adviser: Joi Ito,
The Mastermind: Steve Jobs,
The Filmer: Jonathan Kaplan,
The Communicator: Loic Le Meur,,
The Trader: Jack Ma,
The Publisher: Matt Mullenweg,
The Mogul: Rupert Murdoch,
The community Organizer: Craig Newmark,
The Traffic Driver: Gabe Rivera,
The Poster Boy: Kevin Rose,
The Adult: Sheryl Sandberg,
The Edutainer: Jon Stewart,
The Money Man: Peter Thiel,
The Crafter: Maria Thomas,
The Advocate: Anssi Vanjoki,
The Crowd Sourcer: Jimmy Wales,
The Blogger: Evan Williams,
The Fighter: Jerry Yang,
Surprisingly a few names like Michael Arlington, Mark Zuckerberg, etc are missing on the list! Not Influntial anymore?

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