Use softwares without installing it


December 26, 2010AppsNo comments

If you need any software like browser,word processor etc,either you need to download the software and install it or you can simply use the cloud hosted version of that software which you can use as many times without installing the software in your PC.

Spoon is a free cloud hosted application provider which offers many miscellaneous softwares that you can use it without installing it.
Spoon offers many useful softwares like 

  • Notepad++
  • Chrome browser
  • Google earth
  • Open office
  • Google earth
  • Tweet deck
  • VLC
  • Skype
This application is very useful when your workplace doesn’t offer yof ou to install softwares locally.Not just the productivity apps spoon offers variety of gaming apps which you can play without installing it.
See Spoon app gallery
To use spoon apps in your computer you should download and install spoon plugin and get started.
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