Do you ‘like’ Google +1 search recommendations


April 11, 2011Google NewsNo comments

Google search results are tweaked once more to accommodate the crowd sourced search page. Google +1 is a new button to be placed at the side of each Google result when you know the site was relevant to your search and if you liked it you may click the +1 to recommend that page to your friends  who search for similar query.

In other words its logically similar to the “up-voting/liking”  the results. Google is finding new ways to fight search spam and to make the search results to be more relevant.In a recent move google updated the algorithm to curb the content farms to improve the quality.

The new Google+1 feature has to prove itself to be popular or in other words Google have to wait to see google+1 to fetch popularity.

To enable this googe+1 button visit this page to activate.You will now see+1 button adjacent to the search results in

Its logically similar to facebook like button. Do you think it will gain popularity ? share your thoughts with us.

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