Sony launches Google TV


October 13, 2010Google NewsNo comments

SONY has revealed a series of Internet enabled TV’s with the Google TV software.This was the first Internet television launched to the market with HD TV+ internet facility.

Google TV concept was revealed at the Google’s IO conference 2010 which essentially focuses on integrating Internet and television(web meets TV) and the software is finally made into internet television by sony.The Internet TV concept is hyped as the future of Television.
SONY has launched Internet TV’s in four sizes 24,32,40,46 inches with High definition screens.If you have HDTV,you can also integrate Google TV with the new hardware by SONY so that you dont need to replace old one.
The prices start from 600$ and the pre orders have been started at
  • The TV has a remote which looks like a play station with qwerty keypad.Sony TVs can also be accessed from sony experia smartphones also.
  • Applications can also developed for Google TV platform
  • Websites can be optimized for Web TV viewing

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