Google prepares for Android Gingerbread launch


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As we all know the next version of Android is codenamed as Ginger Bread which is 2.3 version of Android.

Android Gingerbread has huge expectations because Google has announced that “Ginger bread” version is especially for Tablet PC’s as the net-book revolution has started worldwide.

Android gingerbread officially launched,see the features

Google usually places the brand mascots on Google campus before every product launch.As we discussed in our Android introduction article.


Google is scheduled to reveal Gingerbread in Q4-2010.Before that the brand mascot “ginger bread” arrived at google campus this week.

This symbolizes that google is getting ready for launch of next version of Android OS.

Confirmed new features of Gingerbread:

  • Support for WebM video playback
  • Improved copy–paste functionalities
  • Improved social networking features

Unconfirmed new features:

  • Android Market music store
  • Media streaming from PC library
  • Revamped UI
  • Support for bigger screens with up to Wide XGA (1366×768) resolution
  • New 3D Games support including new Marketplace area for gaming
  • Use of mksh for /system/bin/sh
  • Support for video calls
  • Support for WebP image files
  • Support for Google TV

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