Five things a Blogger should learn from Mashable


February 11, 2011Social Media2 Comments every internet user would have come across this site atleast once.This site has got 430,000+ facebook fans viewing everyday.The widely popular is social media news blog created by pete cashmore.

Not only just Mashable there are quite a number of good blogs but this one is my personal favourite.Every blogger can learn from mashable to improve their service.

1.Be live / Be frequent

Mashable covers up the live news immediately as they happen if you run a tech blog you need to be live with latest news. People won’t love the dead news instead they prefer live.

2.Categories matter

Define categories before writing and Write articles on that category with an equal interval. Mashable posts twitter trends every week. Regular readers count will get increase because of this.

3. Design and Performance.

Make your blog look pleasant and simple. your blog shouldn’t make the readers with information overload. Periodically review the blog design and make changes to improve the page load times .

4. Be accessible

smartphones is available for desktop, mobile, iphones,ipad,android,make your blog accessible from every kind of device.

5.Create events

Mashable conducts yearly webby awards gala for the innovative web.Honouring the people improve the brand.. If your blog is not yet grown you may try to create events at small scale..

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  1. N.S Gautham Raj

    Mashable are best in terms of quality , which is very important to achieve more readers !!

  2. mashhood

    Mashable are best in terms of quality , Its really good…

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