Firefox 5 beta now available for download


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Firefox 5 for desktop and android is now available for beta download.Mozilla has also announced the fast-track roadmap for future releases.Firefox 5 Site Specific Browser Mockup

Firefox announced the aurora channel to test its rapid release versions for the faster development track.Like chrome does Firefox now has a channel switcher to change Firefox among  " Firefox Aurora, Beta and Release" versions.The latest version will carry the channel switcher inbuilt.

The concept behind Firefox 5:

Firefox 5 has major UI and performance enhancements as it calls “The site specific browser” as the specific enhancement.The new browser will provide the tabs for the currently opened website and options very specific to that particular site.

It was similar to web app for each site you open in Firefox.The following images will explain you clearly what “site specific’ mean actually.

Example:When you open in Firefox 5 you will get to see tweet,Direct messages,mentions,search associated to a dedicated tab at the top.

firefox 5

See more specific examples.

Another enhancement that Mozilla added in Firefox 5 is css animation [see the demos]

Mozilla also announced that the next three major versions will be available by the end of 2011.

Along with this desktop version Mozilla also announced the availability of mobile version(android) available with “do not track” feature.You can download the latest version at Mozilla website.

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