Ajax-loading gif files for download


December 2, 2010Web design2 Comments

Ajax is used for dynamic web applications with the asynchronous page request- response technique.While the webserver responds to the asynchronous request the web page can be displayed with “loading” image.The unique ajax loading effect can be easily done using a simple gif file.

ajax loader

Download a variety of ajax loading gif files to match your website design.


ajax loader gif

Resources graphics

Pre loaders

ajax loader gif

Load Info

ajax load

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  1. Loading APNG and GIF creator

    Preloaders.net has launched the second version. It now supports APNG and has alot of new features

  2. Vitaliy

    looooooved the preloaders.net. Amazing web-site. I even added a link to it on http://loadinapng.com

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